Health and Educational Equipment (HNE) is a leading provider in school furniture, and we work collaboratively with top manufacturers to design effective learning environments. HNE is excited to represent MIEN Environments in creating ESPORT classrooms for school districts and universities. ESPORTS has successfully demonstrated that a combination of traditional teaching with modern technology can transpire into improved learning experiences for students. Students that are more motivated to learn and can relate to the topics at hand. Presenting students with games that are relevant to everyday careers such as engineering, or mathematics has been proven to be incredibly effective.

Health and Educational Equipment (HNE) truly loves creating learning spaces for ESPORT teams. We design beautiful classrooms that bring out the most in students’ creativity. HNE offers a variety of furniture options as well as expert assistance to guide you throughout the entire design process. If your school or university is considering the benefits of ESPORTS, please contact us today.

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