Health and Educational Equipment Corp (HNE) is your preferred dealer for the X-Chair™ . The X-Chair™  is a state of the art, luxury chair that has been redefining office furniture. With 10 ergonomic adjustments and custom fabric, the X-Chair™  fits your body perfectly. This chair is also equipped with the latest technology including,  SciFloat Infinite Recline, DVL Support, Tilt Lock, and Flex Mesh, making it the most technologically ergonomic office chair in the world.

Health and Educational Equipment (HNE) located in Ronkonkoma, NY will work closely with you and your team to customize your office furnishings and select furniture that best fits your needs. The X-Chair comes in a variety of colors and styles making it a versatile option and the perfect choice for comfort and luxury.

HNE are your experts in office furniture. We have been serving  customers for over 25 years with the utmost honesty and quality and  take the time to understand your vision. Together, we bring your visions to life.  Office furniture is an important part of you work day and has the ability to increase productivity and increase momentum. Bring the benefits of the X-Chair to your office today.

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